Educating and encouraging teachers & students to be more confident in the creation of music .


Colorado Composes offers online presentations, that are viewed in our secure participant section, that have been created by modern-day composers, mentoring of each student participant by qualified mentors and a Colorado Composes NOTEFLIGHT notation account and community where your compositions are created and your mentor can assist you.  Compositions can be shared, when desired, with others in the project via NOTEFLIGHT and our Student Composer Bar.  Awards are given at the end of each learning module throughout the year.

The Colorado Composes with Friends Project, was established in August 2015 to assist music teachers and students in the music creation process by offering educational opportunities and a supportive community for teacher and student during their creative journey .  Our goal is to:

  1. Educate and encourage teachers and students to be more confident in the creation of music through composition. 
  2. Offer on-line instructional tools to enhance the learning process for music composition through our themed presentations from established composers from around the USA, Canada and the UK. 
  3. Connect teachers and students to each other through a supportive community that fosters relationships using our Colorado Composes Newsletter, our website blog page(Composer Conversations) and  Noteflight, a powerful and user friendly on-line music notation system. Noteflight is more than just a music notation system.  Noteflight connects students, teachers and mentors together to allow for creative comments and the establishment of a social network of creative minds.  
  4. Stimulate the creative process through the use of mentors & participation awards.                    
  5. Offer opportunities to work directly with modern-day composers.
  6. Increase the number of participants in the area of music composition through this project. 

Partnering with Noteflight and renowned music composer-educators  Colorado Composes with Friends takes teachers and students into a community where they are nurtured through the composition process.  

What You Receive as a teacher or student participant:   

  •  A new theme every six weeks to spark creativity.  Teachers receive materials to assist them with teaching the new theme.

  • A new online tutorial from a composing professional to give you instruction in how to compose for a particular genre or type of music.     

  • A Colorado Composes Noteflight account which connects you to your mentor, other participants in the project and to our Colorado Composes community as a whole.  Teachers with participants in the project receive a group where they can assist their students through the creative process.          

  • Composition conversations shared on our blog. 

  •  Awards for participants throughout the year

  • Awareness of various composition contest    opportunities around the state and nation.



"Every child should have the opportunity to study composition"   Learning and Teaching Music Composition by Michele Kaschub and Janice Smith    Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Our team of Colorado Composes Mentors

Joseph Harkins from Denver, CO

Joseph Harkins

Joseph Harkins

Mike Miller from Sunnyvale, CA  

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Jill Hanrahan Mentor and Presenter from Colorado Springs, CO

Jill Hanrahan

Emily Holzmer from Colorado Springs, CO

Emily Holzmer

Emily Holzmer

Nick Ayala from Provo, UT

Nick Ayala

Nick Ayala

Colorado Composes with Friends Project 2018-2019 Academic Composing Year

Our program for the new academic year will be announced August 10, 2018.  Our theme for this upcoming year is:

Colorado Composes 2018-2019 year.jpg