Getting Ready for a New Colorado Composes Year

Young composers who are planning to join us for year number two.

Young composers who are planning to join us for year number two.

Our young composers have just submitted their pieces for Electronic Keyboard under the direction of Andrew Eales.  It is hard to believe but Andrew actually sent personal e-mail to each student who contacted him.  He is a very busy man but he made time and we are most grateful.

We have just finished the first year for Colorado Composes and are busy as bees getting ready for our second year.  You will want to stay tuned and visit the site at least once a week to view updates to the project for next year. 

This is what we have planned so far:

Module: Students will be able to sign-up for a module, two modules or an entire year.  This will give teachers and students more flexibility in the program.  Each module will last about 12 weeks, have two six week topics and two presenters who will teach to either the topic or to a principle that supports composition. 

The Holistic Composer:  Andrew Eales has created a wonderful blog called Pianodao.  This website has been our inspiration to invite a presenter to share their journey in the composing process.  Topics such as "A time to win and a time to lose" will address how to deal with failure in the composing world.  Timothy Brown will lead us to find ways to deal with the competitive process, how to deal with failure and how failing is just another word for learning.

Proposed Presenters:  Let's just say you will be overwhelmed with our presenters this coming year.  We are still in the process of nailing down some of the finest English speaking composers on three continents.  You will not want to miss this next year. 

A huge thank you to our dear mentors.  They are the best and have been there every month to give support, suggestions and to communicate.  We are most grateful to you! 

Join us for year number two and you will be amazed at what you will acheive.