How our student participants felt about the program

When asked if a child would like to participate again in the Colorado Composes Project, a child actually said, and I quote, "Not only yes but a huge yes." 

The growth we have seen this past year has been tremendous.  Over 100 compositions were written.  Kids who had never composed wrote an eight bar piece and then a sixteen bar piece and then a 7 page piece for six instruments. 

In order to become a good composer you have to do what every music teachers suggests to become good at your instrument, Practice. 

So here is to one of our more prolific composers, Mitchell Galligan.  Mitchell has become the "Rock Star" of the project.  He is the person all the kids want to hear.  It has been his inspiration that has lifted the project from just a bunch of kids composing to a community of composers.  Kids from Tampa Florida, Longmont Colorado, Denver area and Colorado Springs have created music that is enjoyable for us to listen and experience.

So here is to you, Colorado Composes Project Participants.  Applause!!!!