Beginning our new academic year.

Much has been said, in the past few weeks, about Angela Duckworth’s book Grit.  Leila Viss, from 88 Piano Keys,
distilled down much of what was in the book; making relevant those ideas that pertain to musicians as a whole.

So what is success?
Duckworth claims the components of success include
Completion of a long-term task
setting and meeting a specific goal
Not giving up after a failure
The ability to improvise, adapt and overcome (motto of the Green Berets)
Not dropping out when things get tough
A “never give up” attitude

Just a little something to keep in mind as we build a whole new group of music creators this year.

As we begin our new academic year, Colorado Composes is partnering with Wynn-Anne Rossi to offer a special program to our teachers and their ‘just beginning to find their voice’ composition students.    In the next few weeks, we will share:
Using the Creative Composition Toolbox by Wynn-Anne Rossi
Our special Colorado Composes Facebook Group where teachers can discuss ways they are incorporating the step-by-step guide for learning to compose with others in the project
Upload to our Facebook group compositions from your non-traditional composers who have not yet been introduced to Noteflight.
Video tutorials made just for those using the Creative Composition Toolbox called Wednesdays with Wynn-Anne.
Special ways to help students perform their work.

There is much to learn when one is beginning to compose.  Composition Tools such as:
Your instrument’s range or the range of the instruments you are composing for.
The damper Pedal or ways to sustain sound.
Using repeats and patterns
How to create conversations in music

Want to know where to find all levels of the Creative Composition Toolbox?  Head to Graner Music in Colorado Springs or give Charlotte Baker a call to place your order.  She will have the materials sent right to your studio.  

Address: 4460 Barnes Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Phone: (719) 574-2001