Life (and composing) Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.


Life (and composing) Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.

The past three weeks has flown by.  We have experienced two major hurricanes (by the way Virginia Grissom and Laura Grace Chandler are safe in Tampa Florida), started our studios and begun the process of building young musicians and music creators.

Those first weeks can be a struggle as we find out how much our students have regressed, try new ways to teach the joy of music and assess how best to move students up and onward.

For weeks now, I have received information from some of our best music educators about how to make my studio stellar!  Fantastic! and the very best place for my students to learn.  Every time I read these wonderful posts, I just get really tired because there are hundreds of great ideas amounts of time.

So how do we push our comfort zone?  Let me just share the question I pose to students when a musical task seems overwhelming.  How do you eat and elephant?
One bite at a time!  We break our tasks down into small bites and proceed from there.

This is one of the reasons Karen and I chose the Creative Composition Toolbox and Wynn-Anne Rossi as our Composing Pedagog in Residence.  Her books are making the whole idea of composing for beginners a little less like eating an elephant in one bite.

This past week, my beginners were introduced to the first book in her series.  Instructions were very clear and the 6 young beginners were encouraged to give their composition involving the range of the piano (just CDE and FAC up and down the piano in varying configurations) a go.  They really took to the process; then things got messy.  

I won’t go into the mess but let me say, I was the only one who thought it was messy.  The kids loved it.  They shared their piece with their parents.  They wanted to play their piece at lessons.  They did forget to bring their ‘Toolbox’ to lessons.  

It was out of my comfort zone but it was real life to these 6 girls.  We meet again today and I am hoping they will share their voice with each other.

To another week of good music and music creation.