What if you are a student interested in participating in the Project, but your teacher is not?

The Colorado Composes Project will have a team of mentors to guide students, without a sponsoring teacher, through the process. Upon entry into the program, you will be assigned a mentor who will guide you through the 10 month learning process. 

Your mentor will have your name under his/her mentor site. You will need to be able to work independently by using the video training available through Noteflight to become familiar with how Noteflight works. You will be given access to the secure section of the website to view all monthly Presenter Tutorials. Your mentor will visit you, via Noteflight, once or twice a month to offer useful suggestions and encouragement.

How will I be able to share my pieces with other students in this Project?

Within our Colorado Composes Noteflight group, you will be able to share your pieces with your teacher, mentor and friends in the project through the "Connect" feature in Noteflight.

Can I use any piece I compose from the project for another organization’s composition competition?

The answer is yes! By the time the Project has finished, most participants will have at least 1 or as many as 7 compositions that could be used for any competition. All compositions are yours to use however you want. As the deadline dates for various Composer Competitions come available, Colorado Composes Project will share entry information via our Newsletter with all participants and their teachers.

Is my work copywrited or do others have access to my compositions?

Noteflight has a unique way to verify if a work was composed by the composer listed as the creator of that work.  All compositions are date and time stamped within the program to legally show that the composer is protected.  Works can only be shared with others in the group with permission from the composer.  Composers can actually add a copywrite symbol to their work.  Any work created in the project is the sole property of the composer (not the project).